SEO Training

Fact: Keeping your website competitive is a tedious, never-ending endeavor.

Internet marketing is a never-ending process. Even after your site is optimized and you have hundreds or thousands of links built, your competitors are not sleeping. They are constantly working just as hard, if not harder, than you are to get top rankings in the search engines and steer as many customers away from you and toward them as possible. Furthermore, the search engines are constantly updating algorithms, so techniques and methods that are valid today may not be tomorrow.

Fact: Most webmasters and/or website design firms are not trained or knowledgeable in internet marketing principles or search engine optimization.

It is a little-known fact that website designers are just that, designers. Often the customer contracts with a firm to design and build a site and expects the site to magically appear in the search rankings for their business. This misconception probably arose from the fact that years ago, that expectation would not have been unrealistic. In the early days of the web, with few businesses online, all a company had to do was put up a website and that was it. However, there are millions of websites now, so there is real competition for top rankings. Expecting to rank well just because you have a site is a little like hiring an architect to design your corporate office complex and then expecting him to run your sales department after the building is completed. Architects are designers, not marketing experts. Likewise, website designers are a mixture of programmers and artists, but the vast majority know little about internet marketing or search engine optimization.

Likewise, those few website design firms that do know a little about SEO will often promise top rankings for obscure words or phrases that no one ever searches for. Having the number one listing in Google for the term “800mm fiber optic widgets with blue lettering” does you little good if no one ever searches for that term.

Fact: Many companies do not have the budget to pay a private firm thousands of dollars to do the work necessary to keep their web sites in the public eye.

Paying an internet marketing professional may not be an economically viable option, particularly for smaller firms. An ongoing SEO relationship can easily run into the thousands of dollars.

Fact: Aartek Systems can train your employee(s) or in-house webmaster to do the work that needs to be done.

Whatever your budget, we have a plan that will work for you. Michael Crocker has over 25 years of training experience and can customize a training session or seminar to your budget or class size. Once your employee(s) and/or webmaster(s) is/are trained to implement the steps necessary to keep your website competitive in your field, you will be able to keep the marketing in-house.

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